Lender transparency is one of the many things that loan borrowers are vying for. This is, indeed, an important thing and part of the law, but many lenders are not adhering to it. If you’re going to apply for a loan, it’s very important that you know about the concept of lender transparency and its possible implications. Knowing the concept can improve your position and you can also tell if a lender is possibly lying or not.


The Loan Process

To know the ins and outs of lender transparency, you should have at least a firm grasp on the traditional loan process. You should know about the necessary paperwork and the degree of credit checks that a lender can do. If you have time to spare, you can research about common lending laws and practices. This is a good way to measure the depths of lender transparency.


The Trap of Hidden Fees 

One factor that agonized loan borrowers everywhere is the agenda of hidden fees. By using this tactic, lenders can gain additional profits over their loan agreements. They can add a miniscule service or a made-up portion of additional taxes. There is no exact method to combat this but you can have a precaution. Before signing anything in the transaction, make sure that you’ve read and understood everything. If you see something questionable, ask the loan representative. If you’re still left in doubt, just find another lender to help you.


Predatory Lending is a Game
Predatory lending is a big issue that cannot be solved overnight. It will take the combined efforts of lawmakers, financial experts, economists, and power brokers to enforce an iron hand. Because of his, predatory lending has become a game for many lenders. Since people need money, crooked lenders will just create programs with different financial restrictions and constraints. Desperate clients have no choice but to move on with the deal and suffer the consequences later. To avoid such predators, you need to arm yourself with information. Get a checklist of the most reputable lenders in Singapore, and only transact with them.

It may take long time before everyone can enjoy thebenefits of pure lender transparency. Until then, you must be responsible enough in evading ‘lender-predators.’